Sunrise Preschool was established in 1990 as a ministry of First of the Nazarene Pasadena to serve the families of Pasadena and the surrounding communities. Sunrise Preschool provides a quality preschool education by implementing a stimulating curriculum carefully planned to meet the needs of young children. Discovery learning is encouraged, and skill development is practiced. Children are guided by a Christian staff that is educationally equipped, professional nurturing.

Lead Toddler Teacher Job Description

The lead toddler teacher’s responsibilities include formulating and implementing curricula to meet the basic and educational needs for toddlers. In this position, you will also be required to track and report on students’ progress and ensure that classes remain safe and conducive to learning.
To ensure success as a lead toddler teacher, you should be compassionate and able to work well under pressure. Lead toddler teachers will liaise with other departments to advance the school’s objectives and should remain up to date with advances in early childhood development research, and perform other teacher responsibilities as required by director.

Lead Toddler Teacher Job Requirements

• Adhere to appropriate legal and educational guidelines to maintain toddlers’ well-being.
• Design and implement curricula that cater to the basic and educational needs of toddlers.
• Create and implement lesson plans that nurture and stimulate all domains of each child’s development.
• Provide a developmentally appropriate classroom environment that reflects the children’s learning and growth.
• Understand age-appropriate behaviors and discipline.
• Conduct child assessments to gauge students’ progress.Document and report on students’ process.
• Establish relationships with each family to ensure that their toddler’s needs are met.
• Collaborate with children’s families to ensure a smooth transition from home to preschool setting.
• Maintain ongoing, open communication with parents to ensure that each family receives an opportunity to build strong relationships with teaching staff. Meet with parents when necessary.
• Plan parent conferences to discuss children’s developmental progress, needs and interests.

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Sunrise Preschool is an equal opportunity employer.

March 19, 2019
Dear Parents
Thank you to all who registered for our Summer 2021 and Fall 2020-2021 programs! We apologize for the delay in sending out the acceptance/enrollment packets.
Please do not worry! To date, we have been able to place each and every student who has registered. We will be sending out the acceptance/enrollment packets after Easter break. We thank you for your patience!
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